La Tertulia On The Menu.

Imagen 664When a restaurant is in business for so long, its menu, as it happens in life, is designed by years and situations more than by the cook or the manager. And dishes, as well as customers, come and go: some of them are here from the very first time, and some others just arrived yesterday.

Some are just seasonal (Dear Gurumelos, we always miss you), some other disappeared permanently. It was the case of that delicious Lamb with Honey and Plums: from time to time, any scatterbrained asks for it, and I answer, lowering my head shyly, as if they were asking for that old boyfriend that broke your heart: It is no more on the menu.

 Some are from other places, and some other are absolutely local, like our Cocido extremeño (Chickpea Stew). They can be sweet, spicy, salty. They can be earthy like some Wild Asparagus with Scrambled Eggs, or exclusive like some Cold Cuts made of Hare stuffed with Truffles, Boletus Edulis and Port Wine.

But all of them have a story, their own story. And we would like to tell you a bit after so long. We would open our house window to you (i.e. our kitchen window) to tell you the way we see the world from here.

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