Children’s menu

Lots of children usually come to La Tertulia. Children who come with their parents, parents who come with their children, parents which were children some years ago and which also came with their parents then. That’s life and those children of today are the farm team for the future.

For this reason, we have think about creating a children’s menu in some occasions, but we ruled out that idea because we don’t find it very fair. You are, say, pigging out in a wedding: prawns, lobsters, ham, steaks with foie (not Pâté!), etc. You go to see how your kids are doing at the children’s table and you find them eating a sad chicken breast with pre-made croquettes and chips; or maybe, they are directly called a strike, sit on your lap, and don’t let you eat a single prawn. In conclusion, finding a no-discriminatory children’s menu is a really difficult task.

By the way, since we have a cub at home, we pay more attention to children’s modus operandi and to their relationship with food. As well as in adulthood, you can find whatsoever: from Olive Monsters to Ketchup Addicts; that little girl who doesn’t like anything but gobble a dish of curry rice with vegetables and chicken liver (Wide-eyed mother: Curry rice with whaaaattttt?????); that other baby who passes by baby food because he prefers the stew that we have as appetizer; or those big children who cry for their croquettes or their Cocido Extremeño (chickpea stew) from the stepdoor.

Children are genetically disposed to enjoy true food, the taste of vegetables, meat, fruits and fish, but we tend to mask flavours adding sugar, food colouring or other additives from the very first moment, and after that, we complain bitterly because this child doesn’t like anything.

It is for that reason that we defend other way of eating here, in La Tertulia. Even if it were eating with their fingers, but enjoying good food: first quality produces, as natural as possible, and with a real taste.

After 25 years watching children eating and growing up, we suggest:

–          Croquettes. The star on our menu. Homemade, creamy, delicious. Success is guaranteed with ham croquettes, as well as spinach and prawn croquettes will convince all those veggie-sceptic.

–          Chickpea stew. A traditional recipe. Just chickpea and meat, no vegs for quarrelling about.

–          Cod for fish. It can be with scrambled eggs and shoestring potatoes (Bacalao Dorado) or in a sauce made of tomatoes and peppers.

–          Eggs with anything. Fried eggs with ratatouille, or chorizo, or chips and slices of smoked beef ham.

–          Meat. Grilled siroline never disappoints. They can have it accompanied of a sauce made of blue cheese, mushrooms (boletus edulis) or pâté. Another good option is pork cheeks, a tender meat that you can feel melting in your mouth, served in a soft sauce. Or Moussaka, our version of the Greek aubergine pie, with mince, white sauce and grated cheese.

And for those brave children who dare to whatever, any of our salads, artichokes, Homemade pâtéTrying is the key.


Esteban Murillo: Niños comiendo melón y uvas

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